Thursday, October 25, 2007

#6 ViSiT ViC (AND #43)

well yes, i did that... i fell in love with her and now live with her in a little wee house in the australian outback. which i figure takes care of #43 too!
funny how things work out isn't it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


we had a lovely evening together last wednesday, on my way back home after a north island mission. so nice to catch up, we ate good wholesome veges for dinner and chatted about her poetry course and my move to melbourne. just a pity i couldn't stay for more than one night.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

#21, 22, 37 GETTiNG RiD OF STUFF

well that's been my focus for the last few weeks, in preparation for leaving town this sunday.
how to i manage to accumulate SO MUCH STUFF?
nik was a lifesaver on the clothing mission. phew.

i still have a way to go, in the next 5 days...

(which obviously is why i'm blogging instead of organising)
edit: and how fitting that this blog post is completely disorganised also, i don't know what is going on with the damn image formatting!


well there's no point in having a set with every bowl the same when they're as quirky as this...
so that's it.
set finito.
and now i must pack them away into a box for when i return to nz to live. i plan on taking one with me, my favourite coffee vessel. and i'll give a couple of them away too.


well i thought i had a picture on this computer of my lucious summer garden, taken a month or so ago. but it must be on the other machine, the one that is no longer connected to the interwebs.
anyway, it's been awesome, and this here pic is what i harvested yesterday...

the red potatoes are beautiful, such a great flavour. i've shelled the beans for drying and distributing, have a look at my flickr if you want to see them.
i'm hoping that in melbourne i'll find a house with a garden, but if not i'll settle for getting involved with some community gardens. possibly ceres community environment park will be a good place to start, i'm really looking forward to checking it out!
i'm all inspired to keep gardening after the course in organic horticulture i did over the last few months. it was so beneficial to have such knowledgable tutors, and a lot of what i learned about i am really looking forward to putting into action. loving the permacultural principles, i may even consider doing a course in that some time.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


#9.. veges are growing. starting to look really good. mmm, summer salad straight out of the garden! my rocket is rocking.
#15.. computer course. mich persuaded me that it was really pointless trying to slog my way through it as the course is shit and probably not even very helpful. so i've flagged that one. i still intend to learn a bit more about a few applications.
#46.. sort things with cuz. we're ok-ish now. i even sent him a birthday present.. though i'm not sure it arrived. i haven't heard.
#60.. i've taken on the task of hosting the next optical nerve zine over at so that'll take care of #60! yay!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


i got myself a table. it cost me a grand total of $8 at the city mission shop.
i have used it for arting! but not much yet. i don't have a chair as such... the darling ex girlfriend is looking after mine. and now i need to sort out the drawer handles so i can use it to store some of my vast amounts of arty crafty stuff.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


optical nerve is a zine my buddy victoria started over at art site, go have a look if you're interested in getting creative with a bunch of fabulous arty people from around the globe). my submissions are done and dusted, as of a couple of weeks back now. vk just announced that she's finished putting it together... so i can expect to get it in the post in a week or so! yay!
i decided to do my bits on old receipts, rather than throw them away. it's all about recycling... lessening one's impact on the earth in small ways...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


thanks to melanie, i can now cross off #58... and i can link it too! yay! i love having people offering me help and advice, it makes this mission all the more fun.
here's what she had to say:

"By the way, #58 (Turning the list into links) is pretty easy if you can access your sidebar content. here's the code I use to strikethrough and link my completed items... "

[then she wrote useful codey stuff]

i've been making progress on a couple of others too, i biked to work yesterday (#31) and also tried my hand at gingerbread (#62). which went alright, but there's a ways to go yet! i did learn a couple of things in the process... flour everything (that dough is so sticky!) and organic fresh ginger root is way hotter than conventional. who knew?!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


yay, yesterday i bought myself a new (old) record player. i am so enjoying listening to stuff i haven't heard in a year or so, it's rocking my socks!
woooo! tijuana brass baby!
so hooray for making a start on this list, and hooray for getting this blog up and running.
yeah, i haven't really explained yet. basically it's exactly what it says at the top. a friend emailed me a link to daily guilt and i thought yeah! i'm in! so here we are.
as i figure out how best to blog this mission, please bear (bare? i've asked a million times, and i still don't know which one it is) with me.

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